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How a business owner added a 0 to her revenues by taking Time Off
Attract Prosperity – Add a 0 to revenues.

Throughout our last blog posts, you have started to inquire about important parts of the prosperity process (adding a 0 to revenues).

First we have looked at "How to set your intentions in order to attract prosperity".

Recently we looked at the importance of "discovering what you love with a passion" and "what you are natural at" as an opportunity to discover for yourself how you could eventually attract prosperity.

I hope you have experienced as a result of the inquiry, that surprising outcomes made their way through your life in rather unusual ways.

Since we are interested in going beyond roadblocks (ceilings of complexities) and eventually adding a 0 to your revenues, this week's blog is about "How to take Time Off and generate extraordinary results such as adding a 0 to your revenues".


By overcoming "Ceilings of complexities".

In other words: what may be the secret for allowing exponential results to take place in your life?

Define what Time Off means to you

Over time, I have discovered that I would often run into ceilings of complexities that were difficult to identify, feeling overwhelmed and left unable to move beyond the level of success that I had already acquired. I also discovered that taking Time Off had me come back to the ceilings of complexities and take minutes to breakthrough these complexities.

I then came to realize the importance of defining exactly what time off meant for me, that would have me come back to work activities and move beyond roadblocks (ceilings of complexities). You could find out for yourself what it means, whether it be traveling, trying a new hobby, enjoying family time, spending time giving back to your community, or even working on acquiring new capacities such as yoga, or starting a new exercise program.

The idea that I would like to leave you with from this week's blog is that Time Off allows for your creativity to open up, and for new opportunities to present themselves in ways that were unknown prior to taking Time Off.

Why taking time off is the answer to move beyond ceilings of complexities?

Simply said, the brain needs Time Off to rejuvenate. When you are taken away from your everyday work activities, you get a chance to free up your brain.

Now, let me ask you this: "Did you ever go away on a holiday and come back totally rejuvenated?"

If you've already experienced that feeling of being rejuvenated at your return from a holiday "Time Off", congrats!

You then know exactly what I am talking about. That feeling of coming back to your work activities and to where you were stuck, to take a few minutes to think about it, and to realize that taking Time Off allowed you to create new opportunities and to shatter that ceiling away, and to move beyond roadblocks in rather unusual ways – That's a great feeling!

My personal experience had me discover that I had a 5-week tolerance to working intensely before reaching ceilings of complexities, or 'roadblocks'. I then took a habit of setting up time off approximately every 5 weeks. I organized my schedule based on my desire to work intensely for 5 weeks to then go away and come back rejuvenated, feeling excited once again to move beyond my current level of success.

I eventually came to take 12 weeks off a year, including weekends. I noticed that time off spent with my family, getting involved in my community, working on my physical and on my spiritual health had me experience ease and fun when I returned to my work environment. The sensation of being rejuvenated always kicked in. As a result of leaving 12 weeks a year, I also became increasingly aware of what I loved with a passion and what new capacities I needed to complement and delegate. I became better at what I was good at – my natural abilities and continued to add resources to support the activities that showed up, as a result of going beyond ceilings of complexities.

I would like to think that taking "Time Off" was an important aspect that contributed to adding a 0 to my income.

All I'm trying to say is that when you start experiencing roadblocks and ceilings of complexities, the feeling that you are not getting ahead, I request that you schedule Time Off.

Here's an opportunity: take advantage of Holiday celebrations to visit your loved ones, or to spend time doing something that truly makes you happy.

Go ahead!

Wishing you happy celebrations.