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Our purpose is to contribute to our clients' financial prosperity. We offer a Business Management System to small businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, non-profit organizations, social entities, self-employed professionals whether you're a lawyer, accountant, sales professional, entrepreneur, service provider, consultant and also freelancers. Then, our cloud computing solutions, entirely custom-built to suit your needs, enable you to streamline and automate your day-to-day business affairs.

Why the automation process is essential — will it really make a difference? Unforeseen Astonishing results await! Faster, easier, cheaper, bigger business performance. Excited by new opportunities and new levels of success. Achieve a greater sense of impeccability, integrity, clarity, confidence, harmony and purpose. Experience satisfaction, competence, capability and accomplishment.

Our approach will focus on your unique Technology Needs. During this process, we learn more about your specific business needs and establish which of our virtual solutions will help you maximize your company's value and strategic impact moving forward.

From organization,
through efficiency, to prosperity.
iProsper™ is an entry-level customizable business management system
designed to transition from outdated and inefficient workflows into the world of cloud, automation and efficiency.
We love leaders!
Our purpose
It's true. We do. In fact, we love leaders so much that we built a business management system especially designed for leaders. And because we understand that leaders like to do things their way (duh, that's why they're so great at what they do) our first goal was to build a customizable business management system like no other. One that not only helps our fave kind of people get and stay organized, but one that's actually fun to discover and use. After all, what's a full day without a little fun?
We know that success at work is inextricably linked to success in life, which is why we also value your life goals tremendously. We are committed to contributing to the highest standards and ethics in the attainment of your financial success. We do this by continuously upgrading what is possible, always striving to find new technology-assisted ways to grow your financial prosperity. We believe that anything you want for yourself and your life is available and possible. We are committed to leaving a legacy of a created life.
Daniel Cyr, Chief Technology Officer, will respond to all your technical questions. He has a special business sense on how to customize your business management tools. He converts them into an easy and fun experience! His fav' say: "iProsper built to last forever". Ask Daniel for an overview and logic of the VWLS (iProsper™) and workflows. Ask him to take a Tour and or guide you through tutorials or setting up your system. He has a special knack for integrating your processes into customized and automated opportunities.

Christina Knot, Founder of Phoenix Prosperity (iProsper™), speaks about the 7 Steps to Prosperity. What is important to you? How can you cause prosperity by reinventing the way you operate your business and have ease and fun while doing it.

Alexandr Kotlyarevskiy, Lead Web Security, DevOps and server administration, we are in good hands and can count on him being up to speed with the latest Amazon SES technologies and support since 2015. He handles the security of our application and our docker set up.

Yuriy Guzenko, Senior Lead iProsper Developer on team, verifies that our code is always impeccable, finalizes development cycles and releases to production since 2016. Yuriy is dedicated to ensuring the viability of iProsper.

Akshay Kumar, Key Developer since 2017. He is always ready to support at the last minute with bugs and or quick fixes while tending to every day development. See Akshay if you have questions about iProsper's code.

Amala Nair, iProsper Onboarding Certified Agent, will guide you and provide answers to all queries and or problems you may have setting up. Her objective is for you to have an iProsper easy and fun experience! Amala is responsible for testing, support (Jira & Bitbucket), managing development cycles and finding solutions to problems that may occur. She wears many hats since 2019 and has been Certified as an Agent in 2021, responsible for communications and managing our mails and communications.

Outsourced teams:
  • KA Expertise (Le Studio CSD Inc.) Stephane Ngalli, Development, Quebec, Canada
  • IKS Logics (Luzid Dev) Gabriel Tanguay, Development, Switzerland (Zurich)
  • Paklogics, Bryan Frye. Development, San Francisco, US
  • LCA, CPA, LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants account managers: Gavin Correa, Elyse Lamoureux & Hélène Cyr (admin support)

Certified Consultants, Ambassadors, Companies and Developpers.
  • Certified Consultant
  • Ambassador
  • Company
  • Developper

Ask us for "The 7 Step Prosperity Secret"