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We love leaders!

BusinessIt’s true. We do. In fact, we love leaders so much that we built a business management system especially designed for leaders. And because we understand that leaders like to do things their way (duh, that’s why they’re so great at what they do) our first goal was to build a customizable business management system like no other. One that not only helps our fave kind of people get and stay organized, but one that’s actually fun to discover and use. After all, what’s a full day without a little fun?

So how much do we love leaders?

Ah great question. And one that brings us to our second goal. We’re not only committed to building our business (kinda like you, huh?) we’re also a group of dedicated individuals who believe in the actions that constitute the effective exercise of leadership.

Yes. We’re on a mission to build a business. But we’re also on a mission to contribute towards a cause.

With every user of our business management system we get to support the Erhard-Jensen Initiative that thrives to foster effective leadership as a natural self-expression in any situation, no matter the circumstances.

As you can see, we’re just like you: we’re a group of hard-working individuals who believe that leadership – doing things YOUR way – is what makes a difference.

And speaking of leaders, meet Christina Knot: The founder and vision behind iProsper.ca.

Christina Knot

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Erhard-Jensen Initiative as well as other transformational programs.

To this day, I continue to be profoundly moved and touched by the level of commitment demonstrated by Werner Erhard as well as Michael Jensen and all others that continue to give of themselves to a bigger cause.

They have contributed so much and in so many ways to human development, transformation models, and applications for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Inspired by their work, I promised I would support the initiative in its effort to encourage leadership around the world. And we do this by donating to the foundation with each iProsper.ca sign-up.

iProsper.ca is my way of sharing in their vision. The way I see it, the encouragement of leadership as a form of natural self-expression should be accessible to everyone. Thanks to your sign-ups, iProsper.ca is able to support and promote this important cause.”

We make you prosper!