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A Free trial. A show of gratitude. A warm welcome.

Special thanks to all involved – programmers, designers, and consultants – who have been working behind the scenes to create iProsper, the customizable business management system built for leaders. As founder and vision behind iProsper, I am excited for the opportunity to give others a simplified way to manage their business, thus enabling them to spend more time growing their business and developing the prosperity of their enterprise.

A lot of planning went into the development of iProsper, including some hard-thinking initiatives to create a business management system like no other. The features, including an at-a-glance Dashboard, Task manager for breaking larger projects into bite-sized accomplishments, and an Organizer that enables you to gather all your client and contact data in one place, are just a tip of the iceberg of the power behind iProsper.

Our objective has always been driven by a vision to create a business management system that is customizable. There are as many ways to run a business, as there are types of businesses. We get that. And iProsper has been designed to reflect this.

As well, a warm welcome to you, readers and users of iProsper!

The goal of this blog will be to provide you with regular updates on your business management system so that you use it like a pro. And even more than that, we want to provide you with a regular source of information that is not only topical to your needs and business goals, but motivating and thought provoking as well.

Just as you’re passionate about managing your business, we’re dedicated to supporting you in your endeavors. Running a business, as we all know, requires a constant flow of inspiration and energy.

Our goal is to feed you the fuel that drives your success.

Onwards and upwards!