Dear clients, entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed individuals and professional lawyers, accountants, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, service providers, consultants, freelancers, governments and social entities seeking financial prosperity through the iProsper Business Management Tool.

Our company was founded in the year 2000 and was based on our Founder’s strong track record of generating financial success for others.

Recently transformed, Phoenix Prosperity rises to the occasion to design custom virtual processes to maximize productivity, streamline operations, and increase wealth. Just like all companies driven by a sense of purpose, our path to success was inspired by a strong desire to contribute.

Initially, Christina Knot, Founder and President of the corporation, had three young shareholders, her three children. The corporation was designed to grow prosperity for clients and potential clients in the area of wealth management.

From a very young age, Andre Cyr, her eldest son, treasured every moment in the business. Always by her side, he offered devotion and unconditional loyalty while honing his sales and marketing skills. He grew to manage many facets of the daily business operations.

Marie Hélène, her daughter and youngest shareholder, added value by supporting administrative processes over the years. She later pursued her calling to care for her family and three children’s needs and is now back to caring for administrative processes as well as Sales and Service director.

At first, her son Daniel worked with the Business Marketing System used for managing a marketing and sales process. Christina Knot had purchased the Marketing System in the early 1990’s from the U.S. and it produced remarkable results. Within three years, the system’s processes grew capital and increased revenue tenfold ⎼ in other words, adding a zero to revenue numbers ⎼ extraordinary financial results desired by all (adda0@iprosper.ca)

Daniel surprised everyone when he applied that experience and personally took on the invention of new virtual systems with the same capacity of building wealth for those he served. His talents were extended to the field of Financial Services when he designed a custom- built system offered to his brother as a birthday gift. To this day, he continually brings added value extending his abilities and passion as Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Prosperity initially, then builder of Customized systems for our users and customers.

In the late 1990’s, tragedy struck when Christina suffered a serious accident. Then, just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, having to rebuild became a process she would not soon forget.

At Phoenix Prosperity, our purpose and mission came into fruition not only to facilitate other people’s “rise from the ashes” experience, but also enabled us to consistently provide remarkable financial results with iProsper specially designed for customized, state-of-the-art virtual technologies. Both our Virtual World Personalized System (VWPS), and the VWLS (Virtual World Leader System), now trademarked iProsper, are proprietary technology-based systems that allow you to produce extraordinary results for yourself.

If you are not sure where to begin – we are here to translate your vision into operational capacities and Produce astonishing, extraordinary, breakthrough results in your business. To learn more about how to maximize efficiency in all areas of your business, contact us at info@iprosper.ca.