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Prosperity Process: Set the intention – Attract Prosperity!

Over the years, I have come to accomplish extraordinary results, because I believed in my capacity to do so. Regardless of the many obstacles encountered along the way, I knew that believing in the intentions that I'd put out there would have me reach the desired results I aspired to.

Having contributed to the success of many as a financial planner, my prosperity process transformed over the years. As a result of a near-fatal accident in 1998 and no longer being able to practice my profession, the process became what I now refer to as "The 20 minute Life Altering $$ Package", which also became "How could you add a 0 to your revenues?", or

I have declared over and over again that life shows up in mysterious ways. When you put enough energy into defining what you inherently desire, the intentions that you put out there – they always prevail. I thus invite you to open yourself to the many opportunities life has to offer.

How can I be guided by what is important?

In order to set your intentions, start listening for what is possible. Try to become more receptive to life's signals. Try to investigate the fundamental needs which might motivate your intentions. Perhaps you are investigating the possibility for more revenues. For instance, if you are looking at adding a 0 to your revenues, well you would want to inquire what "adding a 0 to your revenues" really means to you. Where does the desire to gain more revenues come from?

You want to get clear about the fundamental motivations behind your intents in order to communicate clear signals, therefore allowing the universe to adequately guide you.

How can I define what is important?

Getting clear on what is important to you at this point in your life is crucial in order to attain prosperity, whether it be financial prosperity or any other prosperous results you hope to achieve. Clearly, it is no mystery that the universe will give you exactly what you ask for – hence why the importance to clearly define your requests. Be careful about what you ask.

A great way to clarify your intentions is by answering the following question:

"If we were meeting here on February 22, 2021, and we were looking back over these last three years back to today; what has to have happened for you to be happy with your success?"

Remember that the purpose here isn't to establish a concrete plan – although the human mind is obsessed with rationalizing and would definitely try to approach this kind of inquiry with precise answers – but rather an opportunity to open oneself to the answers and to the unique thoughts that will eventually come to you in unconventional ways.

The above inquiry can also extend to 7 important areas of your life such as:

  • Family – Education, vacations, family surrounding relatives, inheritance;
  • Health – Physical condition, sports, stress-reduction, weight-control;
  • Material – Financial independence, new car/home, other purchases, retirement, fun money, dreams;
  • Professional – Advancement and promotion, new career, own business;
  • Self-Development – Studies, hobbies, interests, travel, recreation;
  • Social Life – Business clubs, social activities, entertainment;
  • Spiritual – Volunteering, spiritual, meditation, personal growth.
Establish your own intention setting ritual

Take time to sit down, close your eyes and try to connect with your inner self. Your most profound desires, what resides within you. When our prosperity process is driven by sincere intentions, it becomes easier to be fully committed.

My personal experience with declaring what resided within myself has been helpful in my prosperity process – and, the awareness of what was important to me always presented itself in mysterious ways. Answers often make their way through us without our knowing, but it has been clear to me that the challenges we face can be turned into opportunities. Many of my declarations to the universe emerged through time and space, and I believe it was somehow due to the words I carefully chose, and to the way I listened to what was possible.

In other words, beware of what you declare, as it will turn your life upside down when you least expect it. You'll find yourself thinking out loud: "it happened! I made it, and I had no idea it would look like this. I brought prosperity into my life."

On that note, enjoy your journey as this is all there is!