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All-in-one Productivity Platform for Financial Advisors

Organize, manage and speed-up your workflow with automated tasks, custom fields and more.
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A fully customizable business management system that you can adapt to your business's unique structure and needs.
Sort, arrange and organize your data so its compliant, easy and simple to retrieve.
Personalize your service by automating your communications and tasks and never worry about forgetting an important followup.
All-in-one-place access your data from anywhere and from any device at anytime.
Save time and streamline your business processes with iProsper™ management tools to focus on what you do best - providing financial advisory services to your clients.

Fully-customizable business management software for financial advisors.

Birthday cards and or follow up with prospectus is a thing of the past now!
Organizer helps you find and tag all related data for your clients, prospects and contacts in an organized systematic fashion.
Easily create, store and manage documents related to your clients, employees or suppliers.
Create custom email templates and send automated emails to your customers from predefined dates or custom actions.
Your new favourite time saving duo
Data Tagging
Tags are a way to group contacts and/or companies together and add relevant keywords to them. It helps in categorizing your contacts and companies.
Customize your forms, fields and filters. Create tables, data sheets and online surveys that help you adapt to your business's unique structure! iProsper™, the only business management system that you customize, based on how you manage your business.
Built-in Tools
For Financial Advisors:
Feedback we get from our clients:
  • Our workers using iProsper take the time to mention how easy and fun it is to use our system vs the way we worked before. They are happy to hear what our clients have to say!
  • We have increased our client base as well as our assets under management and are very proud of our progress and success!
  • Customization is KEY to our business! I can have clients complete a custom form I have created; the client fills the form, the data goes to their file, in MY system, for MY immediate attention and access to our team! It's amazing! I estimate my time is 3-5 times more efficient then using previous CRM's like Kronos & Act by Sage. I really enjoy working with iProsper as its easier and faster!
  • iProsper's Automation speeds up our unique process named « The Road to Progress®». Over the past 20 years, many workers have been hired and trained in the asset management segment of my firm. I personally manage 350 families and more then 40 million of their investments. 3 self employed workers now work 30-50 hours (in total) weekly for 10 months of the year reduced to less than 20 hours (in total) weekly during my 2 month vacation time. iProsper reduced our costs of managing, improved service to clients, added to productivity and provided new capacities to build business and free up time. Remarkable results!

  • Clients send us emails to let us know how much easier it is now with the new tools we use and how much they appreciate our service. I've never had comments such as these before!
  • It is much easier to attract support staff as they can work from home and come to the office only when needed. "Better for the environment too"
This is a quick view of your upcoming tasks and events as well as their statuses in either list or calendar view.
These allows quick access to the Companies, Contacts, Contracts & Documents section and also displays the number of items for each of these section you presently have in your instance.
The Activity stream displays the latest notes that were added in the instance for Companies and Contacts.
You can navigate all sections of your instance from this left menu.
The search allows you to search for companies or contacts. Search criteria can be configured in your instance management section.
This gives you access to Video Tutorials, FAQ's and our Help Desk.
This gives you access to all the customizations and instance management tools.
This gives you access to all the customizations and instance management tools.
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Start using iProsper™ today!
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Monthly Forecast
iProsper provides us with peace of mind, integrity with our compliance department, a lot more free time and a jump in income. Unproductive time is transformed into time to build business and serve our clients closely thanks to the 3 year projection custom forms.
André Cyr
Founder of André Cyr L'Équipe
Financial Consultancy
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