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The Virtual World Leader System (VWLS), trademarked and nicknamed iProsper™ promises effective and prosperous results as it produces automated opportunities to manage your business beyond a CRM or ERP capacity.

VWLS (iProsper™) is an application that was designed and developed by PHOENIX PROSPERITY CANADA INC., a Quebec/Canadian Managed Services Organization, with over 50 years of combined experience in computer software and financial services.

PHOENIX PROSPERITY initially provided business service management to a number of professional service organizations. It was there that iProsper™ was initially conceived; out of the need to do things better, faster, cheaper, and greener. PHOENIX PROSPERITY's overall business strategy was to provide value added services to complement the managed services division.

PHOENIX PROSPERITY consulted heavily with their employees, their clients, and several other firms. They found that getting administrative work done varied greatly from firm to firm and that the process for requesting work was usually paper based, cumbersome and overly time consuming for their clients. It was usually difficult to track the progress of the clients and to then efficiently allocate the best resources to enhance the client experience.

PHOENIX PROSPERITY changed all that.

PHOENIX PROSPERITY is pleased to provide Financial Planners & Advisors, Financial Service companies, Insurance Brokers, Private Health Clinics, Placement Agencies, General Service Contractors, Marketing & Creative Agencies, IT Management Companies as well as Coaches & Consultants with the VWLS (iProsper™) software solution. We provide the structure and guidelines, tools and capacities to manage their business office environment with integrity, impeccability, organisation, effectiveness and a sustainable work environment propelling them into the future of the 2020's.

iProsper™ is an entry-level customizable "Online Office Management" tool designed to transition from outdated, inefficient workflows into the world of cloud, automation and efficiency.

iProsper™ has the capacity to move businesses and individuals from paper processes, excel sheets, double screens and more, consolidate data gathering, customize forms, automate tasks & calendars, manage Time Banks AS WELL as customize the customer relationships management capacities according to market demands, trends and new on boarding technology uses.

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