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Transition from outdated and inefficient workflows into the world of cloud, automation and efficiency.
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A fully customizable business management system that you can adapt to your business's unique structure and needs.
Sort, arrange and organize your data so it's easy and simple to retrieve it.
Automate all your communications and tasks and never worry about forgetting an important follow up or customer contact again.
All-in-one-place access your data from anywhere and from any device at anytime.


With the iProsper™ Contact Manager you easily create customizable client data sheets with the power of drag and drop. Whether you're working from your laptop, cell phone or tablet, everything you need to manage your contacts is at your fingertips.


Easily organize all your company data like contacts, client information, custom fields and sections in the layout that best suit your business needs. iProsper™ allows any type of data to be arranged in the layout and groups of data you require.


Automate routines to spend more time on your clients, and less time on paperwork and proposals. Focus on selling to your prospects through time-based actions that automatically notify you and schedule workflow actions at pre-defined intervals. Automate manual tasks while keeping them updated with updated customer records, email notifications, and more.

Access Data

Provide rights access to thousands of users with permissions, security and convenience, minimizing the risk of stolen or misused data while making sure that all users can easily access the data they need from a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world. Remote working environment is now possible for yourself or any of your employees!





14 day free access.
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14 day free access.
No credit card required.
14 day free access.
No credit card required.
14 day free access.
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Save some time


Effectively manage customizable Kanban boards for different projects or sales processes. Quickly identify bottlenecks, prioritize tasks, visually organize and monitor the overall flow of work or sales opportunities. Collaborate in real-time with team members, keep everyone aligned. With iProsper™ Kanban board's valuable tools, boost productivity, improve communication and ensure a smooth project management or sales experience.
14 day free access.
No credit card required.
Industries we help
iProsper™ was designed to simplify workflows for leaders in the following fields:
These companies already use iProsper™ platform to optimize their business processes.
This is why you should try iProsper™.
  • Increase speed
    of work
    Increase speed of work by entering the data "only once". Avoid human error with automation by setting up your custom workflows. Sort and filter your companies and contacts by adding Tags. Use email automation to send batch emails and other automation features.
  • Increase efficiency
    of workflow

    Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs by standardizing working methods and business processes. Eliminate manual work of assigning tasks by adding custom actions to your forms making your business structure powerful and robust.
  • Improve quality of
    your work
    Improve the quality of your work by eliminating human error and gaining uniformity with the use of an integrated contact manager, custom forms, survey and automated routines.
  • Centralize information
    and share access

    Share access with simple–to–configure security controls that make it easy to specify which users can view, create, edit, or delete a record or a field. Balance security and convenience, minimizing the risk of stolen or misused data.
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