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This is a quick view of your upcoming tasks and events as well as their statuses in either list or calendar view.
This allows quick access to the Companies, Contacts, Contracts & Documents sections and also displays the number of items for each of these section you presently have in your instance.
The Activity stream displays the latest notes that were added in the instance for Companies and Contacts.
You can navigate all sections of your instance from this left menu.
The search allows you to search for companies or contacts. Search criteria can be configured in your instance management section.
This gives you access to Video Tutorials, FAQ's and our Help Desk.
This gives you access to all the customizations and instance management tools.
This gives you access to all the customizations and instance management tools.
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Sales Forecast
Pipeline Summary
Monthly Forecast
Organizer helps you find all the related data for Companies, Contacts and Tags in an organized systematic fashion.
Easily create, store and manage documents related to your clients, employees or suppliers
Create custom templates for contracts, agreements and quotes. Use templates to write up new contracts and quotes in seconds.
Your new favourite time saving duo
Data Tagging
Tags are a way to group contacts and/or companies together and add relevant keywords to them. It helps in categorizing your contacts and companies.
Customize your forms, fields and filters. Create tables, data sheets and online surveys that help you adapt to your business's unique structure! iProsper™, the only business management system that you customize, based on how you manage your business.
Built-in Tools
Browse our productivity tools:
Add new tasks, like queueing an automated email to companies or contacts at specified time intervals.
Sales & Project pipeline
Custom forms
Booking calendar
Automated tasks
Craft forms tailored to your needs with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Share these forms seamlessly with your clients, gather their responses and save them directly to their individual files using the convenient public link.
Enhance your scheduling process with our booking calendar enabling users to easily access and secure available time slots. Elevate efficiency while minimizing scheduling conflicts for flawless appointment management.
Effortlessly integrate scheduled automated emails to be sent to companies or contacts at designated time intervals.
Effortlessly oversee your leads, sales, and diverse projects, all unified within a single, streamlined platform. Bid farewell to overlook promising leads – seize every opportunity!
Industries we help
iProsper™ was designed to simplify workflows for leaders in the following fields:
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